Easy Lay Betting – A Beginner’s Guide to Laying a Bet and Make Money Like Pro

Gambling is a very popular industry these days. Due to its popularity, different betting option is involved at this market. Besides normal book betting, lay betting is getting popular day by day! It gives a different flavors of gambling that widens various path of entertainment and earning through gambling market.

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Back and Lay Betting meaning explained

If you are familiar with normal betting, that is called back betting. If you place a bet on Liverpool win the EPL title, that is called back betting or simply betting, you will win the bet if Liverpool win the title.

Lay betting is opposite of it. If you place a lay bet on Liverpool win the EPL title, that is called a lay betting or simply laying, you will win the bet if Liverpool does not win the title.

  • Back betting is betting on something that is going to happen
  • Lay betting is that kind of betting that is not going to happen

How do betting odds work?

A matched betting is a successful combination of back and lay betting! When punter agreed and placed a bet on bookie or lay bettor’s odd,then we can have a matched bet which is ready to play on the market! Before you get to learn more about lay betting this info graphic will show you the relation between back betting and lay betting as well as the working procedure of bookie.

how do betting odds work

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What is Lay Betting and Laying in Gambling?
What does Lay mean in Betting?
Lay Betting Explained
How does lay betting work?
What is the Lay Bet Stake?
What is Matched Betting?
What does liability mean?
Liability On Multiple Lay Bets On The Same Event
What is the Lay Bet Availability?
Laying Off a Bet
Lay Betting Tips – Profitable lay betting ideas

What is Lay Betting and Laying in Gambling?

Lay betting is making a bet on an outcome that is not going to happen to win that bet.

For example, consider a match between Man City vs Liverpool. Suppose we lay a correct score 1-1, that means we will win the bet if the match does not end at 1-1. So,in this case we will win the bet if the score is anything other than 1-1 . But if the match result is 1-1, then we will lose the bet.

  • When you are making a lay betting, it means you are betting on something that should not be happen

What does Lay mean in Betting?

The word “LAY” means ‘’against’’ in betting industry. Lay in betting means making a negative bet on a bets. ‘I bet there is not possible to have 2 goals’,’I bet Usine Bolt can’t finish the line at second position’.

Lay bet only work on the focused outcome.  Without this it does not matter whatever happens to other outcomes!

  • Lay in Betting means making a bet against an outcome

Lay Betting Explained

Laying a bet is a very unique betting technique in modern gambling industry.It is quite popular these days. It gives you the opportunity to do bet as you like, it gives you the opportunity to sell your bet. In lay bet system a bettor can act like a traditional book maker. Here, instead of backing a bet, you can offer backer to play a bet against you,which is fun!

  • Lay betting is possible at betting exchange sites
  • At betting exchange, you can back or lay a bet

How does lay betting work?

I think you must wonder about how lay betting system works! Where the odds come from! As you can see that the odds in the lay bet provided is not the same as the odds that normal bookie offers! Why is that? I am explaining this to you! This is because the odds do not come from the bookies! The odds directly come from the people like you! Sounds strange! Isn’t it! But it is true! For understanding a lay betting system, first you need a learn about betting exchange. Betting exchange is a place where back bettors and lay bettors meets. One of the good example of betting exchange site is betfair exchange.

Suppose you come to betting exchange to sell your bet about ’Liverpool can’t win the EPL title’ at odd 5.0, then someone come to the same betting exchange and back ’Liverpool to win the EPL title’. If both agrees the same odd, i.e. 5.0, then the deal is done. At this case you are lay bettor and your opposition is back bettor. Now if Liverpool wins the title, then you have to pay the winnings. On the other hand, if opposite happens you will have the backers stake.

  • In lay betting system lay bet odd offers by the people, not by the book maker
  • This only works when back bet and lay bet odds are matched

What is the Lay Bet Stake?

In a book maker when you book a bet ,normally the bet instantly accepted by the bookie. Here you the bet you stake it the back bet stake and for your back bet stake, the amount bookie promised to give the amount is the lay bet stake! In betting exchange the person who accept the back bet with certain liabilities is also called lay bet stake!

Consider the previous example, you backed £10 for 3.0 odds and you will get £20 profit if England win. This £20 that broker have to pay you is the liability as well as lay bet stake for the book maker.

What is Matched Betting?

When a back bet and a lay bet agrees on same odds then this is called a matched bet. Matched Betting is the key factor of lay betting. How much profit you can gain is depends on this matched betting.

Let us have you an example. Suppose, Liverpool Vs Everton match. You go to one of the betting exchange sites and put a back bet on correct score 2-1. Assume that you want to back this bet at an odd of 10. So you have submitted your odd to betting exchange, now until anyone take this bet it will show as a pending bet! But when someone take this bet for you, then we can call this a matched bet!

  • When back bet odd and lay bet odds are same, then it is called a matched bet

What is the Lay Bet Liability?

Understanding liability is important at lay betting! In lay betting, liability is the money you invest to lay a bet! In other words, it is the money that can lose while you lay a bet. It is like, in back betting you put some money on a bet that can you lose, it is same as lay bet also. In lay betting system, this money is called liability! Liability calculation is like following:

Stake x (Lay odds – 1) = Liability

So if the backers stake is £100, lay odd is 1.08 liability should be

£100x (1.08-1) = £8

  • liability means the amount of money you invested to win the backers stake

Liability On Multiple Lay Bets On The Same Event

If multiple lay bet is placed on different value of same event one might think that every individual lay bet stake needs individual liability! But that is not true at all, instead of individual investment, multiple lay bets on the same events will reduce the liability amount. At this case only biggest lay bet stake will stay as liability and also smallest profit portion will be reduced from the liability! This because only one bet in same event can lose.

For example, consider lay bet on correct score of a football match, for score 1-1 ,if your profit is £15 and liability is £100 and also for the same match correct score 2-3, if your profit is 20 and liability is £200, then the net liability you have will be (largest liability-smallest profit)  i.e. (£200-£15)=£185 . This liability you have to carry for the both lay bet combined!

What is the Lay Bet Availability?

Lay bet availability is basically refer to lay bet liquidity in the market for a event.

lay bet availability example

Above image from betfair shows a perfect example of lay bet availability. Here for FC Minsk (Res) lay side there is $62 available to lay at an odd 2.16, for 2.18 and 2.22 odds $5 is available for each! So total lay bet availability or market liquidity for FC Minsk (Res)  is $72 right now. This means if you want instantly take lay bet at an odd of 2.16 you can take maximum $62 lay bet,for other two odd you can take maximum $5 each. This is the lay bet availability right now for this team. Please note that this is only profit that you will make through lay bet. To take this lay bet how much liability you have to carry can calculated from previous paragraph!

Laying Off a Bet

The term ‘laying off a bet’ sounds similar like just lay a bet, but it is more than that!

Laying off a bet means to lay bet a bet that is already backed by you! Let us explain a little bit more clear by an example

You back Everton at 8.00 to beat Liverpool before the match starts. During the game, they take a surprise 2-0 lead. As the possibility for Everton win is much higher now, so the odd for Everton win has become shorter.

Now you can lay a bet on Everton win. This will secure your winnings with a guaranteed amount of profit. It is kind of similar to cash out. But it has other use in bonus hunting.

  • Laying Off a Bet is basically hedging between back bet and lay bet
  • Laying Off Bet mainly used for betting bonus hedging

Lay Betting Tips – Profitable lay betting ideas

Now a day you can lay a bet on almost everything. However, there are several ideas to make profit from lay betting. Here are some great ideas about making money from lay betting:

1.Bonus hunting

This is basically bonus hedging. Making a risk free profit from risk free bet offer and bonus offered from other sites upon deposit or on bet.

 2. Arbitraging 

One of most common risk free earning using betting exchange is arbitraging. Normally in betting exchange the odds are offered much more higher than the normal book maker. This is a golden opportunity for risk free income through arbitraging technique. Arbitraging is kind of like hedging between two brokers odds!

3.Predict correct score in Football Lay Betting

This system depends on kind of luck but it works most of the time. Just only basic rule is always limit your selection in 2 goals.  1-0,0-1,1-1,2-0,0-2, always stay in those selection and always select that odd that you think that which one will win! From our statistics it is seen that 95% bet you will lose if you use you prediction. Our lay correct score tips has over 98% accuracy!

4.lay the favorite strategy

lay the favorite strategy is a good statistical strategy in football betting. The concept is always lay the favorite team. Here money management and match selection is very important.

5.Pick the wrong horse at Horse Lay Betting

Here we recommend a laybetexpert special tips for horse racing lay bets. As horse racing very hard to predict, it is very easy for you to earn a slow but guaranteed money from laying on horse racing.

  • Pick a race with at least 8 runners
  • There must be at least 2 runners which have an odd between 3-6 odds
  • Now find there need to be more 3 runners which have an odd between 9-11 odds
  • From this 9-11 odd runners pick randomly 1 runner to lay the bet.

Example on lay betting horses

Here is a live example of horse lay betting

horse racing lay betting tips

Here 1,2 has 4.2 and 4.9 odds. 3,4,5 runner has 9,10.5,10.5 odds respectively. So as per rules you have to choose a horse from 3,4,5. Please note that you always have to choose from those 3 horse randomly (never always choose only 3 or only 4 or 5)

      4.Greyhound Lay Betting at Greyhound racing

Greyhound lay betting tips follow the same betting tips as horse racing. Both have 95% accuracy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us take a quick look at some of the questions many people have in regard to lay betting. We are only going to cover the generic questions here. Hopefully you will find your desired query being answered here too.

  • What is a lay bet?

Lay betting is bet on something that is not going to happen. Like, Match score can’t be 2-0, 3rd horse can’t win the race.

  • Where can you place a lay bet?

Lay betting is placed at betting exchange. There several betting exchange sites online that offers customers to lay off their bets. Every one has some advantages and disadvantages. Our betting exchange review based on our true experience will help you to choose your own betting exchange!

  • Why is there commission on lay bets?

In betting exchange book maker has no part in win loss of bettors as the bets always against with real people. That’s why betting exchanges charges a commission to make their earning.

  • How do bookies lay off bets?

Sometimes small bookies lay off bets in fear of too much winning which cost them more money from their capacity. So they lay off bet or bet against their client to another book maker or betting exchange site!

  • How to lay a bet?

Go to a betting exchange site. Login and go to your desired game, then check the game events. If there is any offered back bet that is comfortable to you then you can lay that back bet!

  • How to make money lay betting?

Simple way to make money via lay betting is bonus hunting or via free bet offers. You can match your bonus, then make money from there.

  • Why do you need lay bets in matched betting?

Most of the matched betting offers requires to bet first using real money before they give free bet to their customers. To secure this real money lay betting is essential. It secures the real cash as well as full fill the bookies conditions to get the free bet offers.

  • What is a lay bet on betfair?

Betfair offer lay bet via betfair betting exchange. Here you can take lay bet and also back bet.


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